AllCast Irish Gamers – GamerFest Hosts

What’s the Craic!? We are 2 Irish lads in our 30s who love gaming. We play tons of games but we also do so much more. We started attending gaming events in 2017. We’ve already hosted GamerFest in Galway (2017) and GamerFest in Limerick (2018). Join us playing games and help build a fun community of gamers! We also play games and make videos on YouTube.


Partner with, owned by Microsoft. Also present on the Xbox Dashboard and is very proud to be recognised by Xbox with the caption “Antitinkerbell Remember Us When You Are Famous!”. An avid gamer and pretty happy to be sharing content across the world!



An Irish YouTuber and Streamer. I’ve been making videos on YouTube for the past 8 years but only started taking it seriously when I made the channel LittleMarMan in 2014. I make a lot of videos on Call of Duty but have recently developed a passion for Fortnite and include that into both my upload and stream schedule.



Republic of Players 

The Republic of Players is Ireland’s home to Celtic gamers. We’re a lively, vibrant group of video game enthusiasts who have a grá for everything to do with this incredible industry. At home and abroad, we have news, reviews, and a podcast and an ever-expanding pot of ideas.

The Republic of Players, also known affectionately as TROP, is a growing group and we aim to welcome everyone in Ireland into our supportive community!


Twitch Partnered Fifa And Fortnite Streamer. I am a final year Earth And Ocean Science university student at NUI Galway Viewer Interaction is one of the key reasons as to why I love streaming so much. A good sense of community within my channel motivates me to work harder!




I’m a Galway based FIFA YouTuber and eSports player for FreshFox, making my way through the ranks of the FIFA community. Daily streamer on YouTube and recent winner of the 2018 Insomnia i62’s FIFA competition.





Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen I am an and also a YouTuber and streamer on ollow me, take a seat and enjoy the ride.