Terms & Conditions

In these Terms & Conditions, the “Organiser”, “Us”, “Our”, or “We” means GamerFest (the trading name of Front Door Events Ltd.) and “Event” shall mean the event, exhibition or show produced by Front Door Events Ltd.

Tickets to this Event are issued on behalf of the Organiser GamerFest and are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. In addition to those terms and conditions outlined below, any attendee of the Event agrees to the terms and conditions outlined by our ticket agent Clear Bookings.

2. Nobody will be allowed admission to the Event without a valid ticket or pass.

3. For the safety of people at the Event, the venue management and the Organiser reserve the right to refuse admission and conduct security searches as they deem appropriate.

4. All tickets or passes should be checked on purchase, as mistakes cannot always be rectified.

5. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. Please note that duplicate tickets cannot be issued under any circumstances.

6. In the event that you are unable to attend due to any Covid-19 Government regulation or restriction, your ticket will be transferred to a future Event, and cannot be refunded after the purchase.

7. In addition to the ticket price, your order may require payment of a booking fee per ticket, a transaction fee per order and/or other supplementary fees which may apply to the Event. Those fees are not refundable.

8. If the Event is rescheduled or cancelled, the Organiser will exchange your tickets for the next possible event date/location. If the Event is cancelled, you may be offered the option to transfer your ticket to a future event or a refund on your tickets. Please note that any Booking Fees and/or Transaction Fees are not refundable in these circumstances.

9. If the Event is rescheduled, changed, moved or cancelled the Organiser cannot be held responsible for any resulting costs you may incur for travel, accommodation and other related goods, services or compensation.

10. Defaced or altered tickets or passes will become void and the holder will be refused admission.

11. Tickets cannot be resold for commercial gain. If we have reason to believe that tickets have been re-sold, they will be invalidated, and the holder will be refused admission.

12. We may restrict the sale of tickets to a maximum number per person (allocation). We reserve the right to cancel tickets bought in excess of this allocation.

13. The Organiser reserves the right to alter or vary the content or timing of any part of the Event in circumstances beyond its reasonable control without any obligation to make any refunds or exchange tickets.

14. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder or any person appearing to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, is showing signs of Covid-19 including a high temperature or a persistent cough, refuses to wear a mask when required to do so (unless they are unable to do so due to an underlaying health condition) that is or otherwise behaving dangerously or inappropriately, for any other behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance and annoyance or for failure to comply with the reasonable request of the Organiser.

15. Neither the Organiser nor the venue operator will be responsible for any loss, damage, death or injury howsoever caused unless (i) the relevant party has breached its legal obligations; and (ii) such loss or damage is a direct and reasonably foreseeable result of the breach. For the avoidance of doubt, the Organiser will not be responsible for the actions of any third party, including, but not limited to, exhibitors, partners, traders or service providers.

16. The Event will operate in accordance with the latest Irish Government and Public Health guidelines regarding Covid-19. As a result of these measures we may be required to manage the flow of visitors to specific areas of the Event, including, but not limited to, features, theatres and exhibition halls, to ensure we remain compliant with visitor density requirements. Where an Event has both indoor and outdoor space, this may result in visitors being required to remain outdoors regardless of weather conditions until they can be accommodated indoors.

17. The Organiser does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property brought to the Event.

18. Visitors may be filmed, photographed or sound recorded for broadcast, publication, promotion or security purposes whilst at the Event by the Organiser and our trusted sponsors and partners. Should you wish not to appear in any promotion activities please contact the Organiser at hello@gamerfest.ie and we will immediately cease the use of any material which you advise you are featured in.

19. It is a condition of your admission to the Event that no commercial (non-private) use may be made by you of the Event or any part of it.

20. Visitors are not permitted to bring animals to the Event with the exception of guide, assistance and hearing dogs.

21. Please check Event details, timings and car park charges prior to travelling as these maybe subject to change.

22. Please check your route prior to travelling to ensure you arrive on time. The Organiser is not responsible for any delays due to travel disruptions.

23. Video and sound recordings are not permitted in theatrical and performance areas of the Event unless written permission is provided by the Organiser.

24. The relevant Republic of Ireland law will apply to these Terms and Conditions and the relevant courts of the Republic of Ireland will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the Terms and Conditions.

Exhibition Terms and Conditions

1. DEFINITIONS In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:- “the Exhibition Space Contract” means the Organisers’ form of agreement for the allotment of a stand at the Exhibition; “the Authorities” means the relevant local, county and other public authorities and bodies relevant to the Exhibition; “the Contract” means these Terms and Conditions “the Exhibitor” means the person, firm or company agreeing to take a stand at the Exhibition under the Terms and Conditions; “the Licence Fee” means the amount shown as the total price payable by the Exhibitor in the Exhibition Space Contract; “the Organisers” means Front Door Events Ltd.; “the Venue” means the venue where the Exhibition will take place –The RDS, Dublin.

2. RULES & REGULATIONS The Exhibitor must comply with the requirements of all Authorities and where applicable with all rules and regulations issued by the owner of the Venue in force at the time of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor undertakes to comply with the obligations and duties contained or referred to in these Terms and Conditions. Exemptions from any of these obligations and duties may be granted at the Organisers’ discretion. No exemption given by the Organisers will be effective unless in writing.

3. STAND ALLOTMENT. The exhibition stand is secured only by filling out a booking form, paying the required deposit and indicating that you have read and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. The Organisers reserve the right at any time to make such alterations in the floor plan of the Exhibition as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition as a whole and to alter either or both of the shape and size of the space allotted to the Exhibitor. No alteration to the space allotted will impose on the Exhibitor any greater Licence Fee than that undertaken in the Exhibition Space Contract. The Organisers further reserve the right at any time to substitute for the stand allotted a different stand. Allotment of space by the Organisers shall not imply that they accept the proposed exhibits, and the Exhibitor must ensure that exhibits on the allotted stand comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude and/or require to be removed any exhibit which in their opinion is not germane to the Exhibition. The decision of the Organisers as to the eligibility of the exhibits will be absolutely final and binding. The Contract is personal to the Exhibitor and may not be assigned, subcontracted or sublet by him. Neither may the Exhibitor, without having first obtained the consent in writing of the Organisers:- (i) have or display on the stand or at the Exhibition the goods of any other person, firm or company; or (ii) display or permit to be displayed on the stand or at the Exhibition the name or mark of any other person, firm or company or literature or other items relating to the goods or services of any such other person, firm or company. (f) Notwithstanding the allocation of a stand to the Exhibitor, the Organisers reserve the right to forbid the Exhibitor to erect or occupy that or any other stand if, on the date of the opening of the Exhibition, there is subsisting any material breach of the obligations of the Exhibitor under the Contract including (without limitation) failure to pay any instalment of the Licence Fee or if there then remains outstanding any notice served by the Organisers under Rule 5(b) or Rule 6 of these Terms and Conditions .

4. CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT BY THE EXHIBITOR The Exhibitor may cancel the Contract, by giving not less than 30 days’ notice. Such notice must be given in writing and sent by recorded delivery to the Organisers. The Organisers shall be entitled to retain the deposit together with any further payment due under the cancellation dates and fees listed in this clause.

5. PAYMENT (a) The Exhibitor shall pay the Licence Fee to the Organisers in full – by deposit when booking and the remainder before the conference date. (b) If the Exhibitor fails to pay any Instalment on the due date for payment, the Organisers may at any time thereafter either:- (i) by notice to the Exhibitor declare the balance remaining unpaid of the Licence Fee immediately payable, whereupon the Exhibitor shall pay such balance to the Organisers forthwith on demand; or

(ii) terminate the Contract forthwith by notice to the Exhibitor served at any time after the due date. We reserve the right to pass any outstanding debt by an Exhibitor over to our legal representatives for collection. In this instance the full cost of the recovery of this money by the said legal representatives will be passed on in full to the Exhibitor and form part of the outstanding debt.

6. ALTERATION OF EXHIBITION DATES The Organiser reserves the right to alter the Exhibition Dates as set out at any time provided that: (i) any alteration does not result in the Exhibition being moved by more than 12 (twelve) months; and (ii) no alteration is made to the dates within 60 days of the first open day of the Exhibition.

7. BREACH OF CONTRACT (a) Without prejudice to their rights under Rule 5(b), the Organisers may terminate the Contract forthwith by notice to the Exhibitor:- (i) If the Exhibitor shall in the opinion of the Organisers become or threaten to become insolvent or shall commence or suffer the commencement of proceedings against it by reason of insolvency; or (ii) if the Exhibitor shall fail to make payment of any Instalment on or before the due date for payment; or (iii) if the Exhibitor shall be in breach of any other of its obligations under the Contract and, if the breach is capable of remedy, shall have failed to remedy the breach within 14 days after the service of notice upon it by the Organisers specifying the breach complained of and requiring it to be so remedied.

8. CANCELLATION OF EXHIBITION(a) If the Exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lockout, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the Exhibition premises, or any other cause (such as issues relating to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)) not within the control of the Organisers whether ejusdem generis or not, the Organisers shall be under no obligation to repay the whole or part of the Exhibitors Fee, and shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any such abandonment, cancellation or suspension. In such event, the Organisers reserve the right to change the Venue for the Exhibition and to substitute the new Venue for the Venue named or rearrange an alternative date. If the Organisers come to believe at any time up to 14 days before the Exhibition that the holding of the Exhibition is unprofitable for the Organisers or not in the best interests of the industry concerned, the Organisers may cancel the Exhibition. If the Organisers cancel the Exhibition under this subclause, the Organisers shall promptly notify the Exhibitor of cancellation and shall within 30 days refund to the Exhibitor such part of the Licence Fee as may then have been paid, in full settlement of the Exhibitor’s rights against the Organisers under the Contract or otherwise in relation to the Exhibition.

9. FAILURE OF SERVICES The Organisers will endeavour to ensure the supply of the services of the Venue but as the supply of such services is not within the control of the Organisers they shall not incur any liability to an Exhibitor for any loss or damage if any such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available nor shall the Exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in respect of the Licence Fee due or paid under the Contract.

10. AMENDMENTS, APPLICATIONS AND INTERPRETATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (a) The Organisers reserve the right to add to, alter or expunge any of these Terms and Conditions at any time.

11. ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBITION (a) The Organisers reserve the right to expel from or refuse to admit to the Exhibition premises any person at any time notwithstanding that person’s possession of an official pass or ticket. (b) The Organisers will issue official tickets of admission and no other form of admission ticket will be valid.

14. PASSES No Exhibitor will be admitted to the Exhibition without producing to the gate officials the proof of purchase of Exhibitor stand issued to him by the Organisers, who reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw the pass issued to any person if complaints have been received concerning that person’s conduct.

15. GANGWAYS It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that gangways in front of the allocated stand are kept free from obstruction during the whole of the time the building is open for the purpose of the Exhibition.

16. ELIGIBILITY OF EXHIBITS (a) Exhibits must fall within the defined scope of the Exhibition and may represent all forms of materials, machinery, plant equipment and ancillary services related to the Exhibition as approved by the Organisers and Authorities. Exhibitors may be asked to provide details of the types of products or service they intend to display. (b) Exhibitors are not allowed to sub-let the stand allotted to them nor to permit the stand to be utilised by any other person or company without the Organisers prior consent in writing. (c) Where Exhibitors wish to use borrowed equipment on the allotted stand to demonstrate their own products, the display of the name of the firm lending the equipment is not permitted without the written consent of the Organisers, unless that firm is also exhibiting.

17. CONDUCT OF EXHIBITORS Every Exhibitor shall ensure that the allotted stand is open to view and staffed by competent representatives during the Exhibition hours. In the event of an Exhibitor failing to open the allotted stand or uncover exhibits thereon, the Organisers may do so or arrange for the stand and exhibits to be removed and the Exhibitor shall be liable for any charges that may thereby be incurred. The Organisers will not be liable for any losses, including consequential losses, sustained by the Exhibitor as a result of this action

18. LIABILITY (a) The Exhibitor exhibits entirely at its own risk and the Organisers accept no liability, whether in contract or in tort (including negligence), to the Exhibitor arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition or the acts or omissions of the Organisers or its officers, servants, subcontractors, agents or visitors in relation thereto save as regards the contractual obligations of the Organisers hereunder. In particular (but without limitation) the Organisers do not accept responsibility for the performance by any Exhibition contractor in carrying out his obligations to the Exhibitor or for any other act or omission of any such contractor, whether or not the contractor has been appointed as the exclusive provider of any class of goods or services to the Exhibitor.(b) All conditions and warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, in relation to the performance by the Organisers of its obligations hereunder are hereby excluded except as expressly stated herein. The Exhibitor acknowledges that, in entering into the Contract, it has not relied upon any representation made by or on behalf of the Organisers not contained in the Contract. (c) The liability of the Organisers, whether in contract or in tort (including negligence), and any liability the Organisers may have for the acts or omissions of its officers and servants in relation to such contractual obligations, arising out of or in connection with the performance of its contractual obligations hereunder shall not exceed one half of the Licence Fee actually paid by the Exhibitor to the Organisers under the Contract. The Organisers shall in no event be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of profit. (d) The Organisers have no liability to the Exhibitor for the performance by other persons at the Exhibition of their obligations to the Organisers. (e) The Exhibitor shall hold harmless and indemnify the Organisers from and against all actions, proceedings, losses, claims, demands and liabilities (including costs on an indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by the Organisers arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of the Exhibitor or its officers, servants, contractors, agents or visitors. (f) The provisions of this clause shall not apply to exclude or restrict the liability of the Organisers for death or personal injury resulting from negligence of the Organisers.

19. INSURANCE (a) It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that it takes out and maintains insurance to cover its losses or liabilities arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition including: (i) insurance of the Exhibitor’s property; (ii) liability for injury sustained by employees or third parties. (iii) liability for loss or destruction of or damage to property of the Venue, the Organisers and any third party; and (iii) insurance against losses arising out of the cancellation of the Exhibition due to causes beyond the control of the Organisers.

20. CHARACTER OF EXHIBITS The Organisers reserve the right to refuse accommodation for any exhibit the character of which, in the opinion of the Organisers and/or the Venue is unsuitable or unsafe for the site allocated to the Exhibitor or might constitute a health/safety hazard

21. PHOTOGRAPHS An official Photographer will be appointed for Exhibitors who desire their stands or goods photographed.

22. CLEANING Exhibitors are responsible to the Organisers for seeing that their stand is maintained in a clean state throughout the period of the Exhibition

23. REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS All exhibitors and other property of the Exhibitor, his servants, agents, employees and contractors, must be removed from the Exhibition premises once the event closes its doors at 5pm. Property at the stand is wholly the responsibility of the Exhibitor, his agent or contractor and the Organisers will not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs.

24. NOISE CONTROL The use of product demonstration video equipment, loudspeaker systems, tape recorders, film projectors or slide projectors is permitted provided the noise level is sufficiently low to avoid disturbances to visitors and other exhibitors. The organiser reserves the right to exercise their judgement in respect of an acceptable level of noise. Demonstration of noisy machinery must not be continuous and be kept to a minimum.

25. AMENDMENT TO EXPO AREA The organiser reserves the right to amend the plan of the halls and move the position of stands if required by the hall Owners, Fire Authorities or for any other reason.

26. DURATION OF EXHIBITION The exhibition will be open from 10.00am – 5.00 pm. During these times stands and exhibits must not be covered up and staff must be in attendance. On no account will Exhibitors be permitted to remove goods from the Exhibition Grounds prior to 5.00pm.

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