Special Guests

Don’t miss your favourite content creators at GamerFest!

We’ve loads more special guest announcements coming soon so stay tuned to our socials for the latest news and updates. 

Presenter. YouTuber & Twitcher. LegionArenaGG Partner. The Try Channel Tryer

Irish Content Creator. Former Mixer partner (49.7k). Co-Host for Is that Canon. EA Creator Network

Irish Streamer Content Creator for Legion Arena | 1J Esports | Norwich City FC

AllCast Irish Gamers Headshot for GamerFest Gaming Festival 2022

2 Irish Lads who love Gaming, Streaming & Memes

Twitch Affiliate, Partnered Creator for GamerStore Legion. An Post Money Ambassador

Irish LegionArenaGG Creator powered by Trust Gaming


Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG Caster. League of Ireland Commentator

StreamerEliteTV for GamerFest Gaming Festival 2022

GNG Series Presenter. GamerStore Legion Partner and eNgage Partner

TheAlphaFox Headshot for GamerFest Gaming Festival 2022

Alpha Fox

Podcast Host for The Republic of Players | Caster | Streamer | LegionArena


More special guest announcements coming soon!

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