Special Guests

AllCast Irish Gamers 

YouTube – Facebook

The Dynamic Duo return, suited and booted to Host the main Stage at Gamerfest. If you love everything pop culture, to Tv Shows, Movies and Gaming the AllCast lads have you covered. When they aren’t streaming to their  YouTube page, you can find them on Spotify & iTunes with their Podcast ‘Geeks For Weeks’ featuring special guests, Movie & TV News and it’s full of geeky banter.



An Irish Content Creator, Antitinkerbell has been creating content since 2014. “T!NK” started streaming from a well-known platform Twitch. She expanded her content to Partnership with Mixer and networked her content to millions of Xbox users including appearing for Microsofts Mixer advertisements! Primarily a First Person shooter which gain a Partnership with PUBG. Enlisted on Mixers Battlefield team she also makes time to attend an event in Ireland, UK, EU, and even the US.



The one and the only AbsoluteFilthTV! He is an Irish Twitch Streamer and one of the biggest Irish personalities on the platform. His streams are very fast-paced and full of energy but Chris prides himself in focusing entirely on his chat and conversing with his viewers as well as promoting and organising his own hosted Fortnite Tournaments.



Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen and meet an Irish Gaming Nerd, YouTuber and Streamer. Payne is a variety streamer, streaming such games as Mortal Kombat & God of War as well as playing a tonne of VR games like Beat Saber, but he also loves a good Karoke Stream!


Twitch – Youtube

An Irish YouTuber with over 8,000 subscribers and Twitch Streamer. He’s been making videos on YouTube for the past eight years from starting off with Modern Warfare 2 Sniping Montages to starting the channel LittleMarMan in 2014. He makes a lot of videos on Call of Duty but has recently developed a passion for Apex Legends and Fortnite and includes that into both his upload and stream schedule.

Miss LunarMagick


MissLunarmagick is an Irish variety game based streamer with an emphasis on open-world RPGs and singleplayer games. She has been streaming since December 2013. Her stream & community is all about spreading the enjoyment and love for games to as many people as possible. Mostly known for her deep love and streams of the Fallout Franchise. She can’t wait to meet you all at Gamerfest!



A slightly mental Irish YouTuber with a focus on Fortnite. Jake streams a variety of games alongside Fornite with a thriving community of 3.500 subscribers! Jake is hands on with his community and loves interacting with his chat. A Limerick local, don’t miss his first appearance at GamerFest 2020!



We are delighted to have the no.1 Pro FIFA player in Ireland & Gfinity Elite Series Champion.
The WINNER of our FIFA tournament will get to go 1 V 1 against Rannerz on Stage. 


Twitch – Youtube

Limerick local Fantazeeh is an Irish content creator that has amassed over 100k views across his Twitch stream and YouTube channel. The Gaeilgeoir streams a variety of online competitive games, with a predominant focus on FPS games. All of his content simply showcases his love of talking and producing unique experiences for himself and his viewers to enjoy, such as original stream tournaments and events. Fantazeeh also uses his platform to promote and foster a positive online gaming environment for all types of people.


Facebook Streaming

Jimmstar is a Level Up Facebook Streamer and passionate gamer. He plays Fortnite on PC. You can find him in Creative Mode practising his 90’s. His dream is to play Fortnite at a competitive level but plays many other games like Minecraft & Super Smash Bros as well.



StreamerElite is a Twitch content creator with a unique look, a one of a kind style and with a BOOMING voice to boot. When he streams he streams such legendary titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty and he also loves his Retro games!


Ansonix is a video game-inspired electronica artist from Dublin, Ireland, creating both video game remixes and originals. He is also a composer for media and games. Ansonix released his single Triumphant (Radio Edit), which was featured as ‘Song of the Week’ on the popular #IrishMusicParty, followed by his EP called ‘Ready for Battle’ on 22nd June 2018! He launched the EP at the Body & Soul Festival.



Wardyliv is a member of the Order of Synth Knights, that traverses the data scape to unlock the mysteries of the world around us. He battles many foes and is either bested or defeats the best. He mostly plays competitive style games that he can feel the thrill of fighting a worthy opponent in battle. His games consist of Fortnite, Apex Legends, CSGO and much more all over on Twitch.



Maroxide is a variety streamer with a taste for everything. Community driven streamer and always looks to involve everyone in his streams with play-along. He is also a founding member of Team Redirect, an Irish-based content creation team. From FIFA to Castlevania and everything in between Maroxide looks to bring his love of variety to his audience something new to experience.



Evillink is a member of Streamer’s Connected he streams to Mixer and Twitch. He is the King of the Red Mini’s. You can find him on MMO, FPS or Sandbox games. He’s always up for the Laugh or Macarena.. Just ask!