AllCast Irish Gamers – GamerFest Hosts

What’s the Craic!? Two Irish lads in their 30s who love gaming. They play tons of games but they also do so much more. They started attending gaming events in 2017 and progressed to hosting GamerFest in Galway (2017) and GamerFest in Limerick (2018). Join them playing games and help build a fun community of gamers! They also play games and make videos on YouTube.


The one and the only AbsoluteFilthTV will be at GamerFest this October. He is an Irish Twitch Streamer and one of the biggest Irish personalities on the platform with over 14,000 followers. His streams are very fast-paced and full of energy but Chris prides himself in focusing entirely on his chat and conversing with his viewers as well as supporting and promoting them through his own hosted Fortnite Tournaments. 


An Irish YouTuber with over 8,000 subscribers and Twitch Streamer. He’s been making videos on YouTube for the past eight years from starting off with Modern Warfare 2 Sniping Montages to starting the channel LittleMarMan in 2014. He makes a lot of videos on Call of Duty but has recently developed a passion for Apex Legends and Fortnite and includes that into both his upload and stream schedule. He is also a founding member of Team Redirect.


Twitch Partnered Fifa And Fortnite Streamer. A student of Earth And Ocean Science at NUI Galway. Prioritising viewer interaction is one of the key reasons as to why he does what he does and loves it. A good sense of community within his channel motivates him to work harder!



Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen, an Irish Gaming Nerd and also a YouTuber and Streamer, we welcome PayneTrainGaming. He’s a variety streamer playing and streaming such games as Mortal Kombat, God of War, Smash Bros. and Beat Saber. You’ll more than likely see him around the VR booth at GamerFest 19! Follow him, take a seat and enjoy the ride.


Lucy is his dog’s name and he loves her. LucyLover is a horror/speedrun Twitch Streamer who currently holds a world record in speedrunning Resident Evil 2 (1998). He brings a lot of comedy and interaction to his audience including speedrun races and world record attempts and guides to speedrunning. LucyLover is currently an affiliated content creator with Team Redirect.

The Alpha Fox

Level Up Facebook Streamer, The Alpha Fox A.K.A Ronan Fox is a business owner and full-time digital media instructor with many years of experience in the gaming industry. The goal of his channel has always been to create a positive, family friendly environment and to spread awareness of invisible disabilities. He plays FIFA at a competitive level but plays many other games like Minecraft, Bloodborne & Rainbow Six Siege.


Maroxide is a variety streamer with a taste for everything. Community driven streamer and always looks to involve everyone in his streams with play-alongs. He is also a founding member of Team Redirect, an Irish-based content creation team. From FIFA to Castlevania and everything in between Maroxide looks to bring his love of variety to his audience something new to experience.


Wardyliv is a member of the Order of Synth Knights, that traverse the datascape to unlock the mysteries of the world around us. He battles many foes and is either bested or defeats the best. He mostly plays competitive style games that he can feel the thrill of fighting a worthy opponent in battle. His games consist of Fortnite, Apex Legends, CSGO and much more all over on Twitch.


A Galway based FIFA YouTuber and eSports player, making his way through the ranks of the FIFA community. He’s a daily streamer on YouTube and a winner of the 2018 Insomnia i62’s FIFA competition.


The Republic of Players 

The Republic of Players is Ireland’s home to Celtic gamers. We’re a lively, vibrant group of video game enthusiasts who have a grá for everything to do with this incredible industry. At home and abroad, we have news, reviews, and a podcast and an ever-expanding pot of ideas.

The Republic of Players, also known affectionately as TROP, is a growing group and we aim to welcome everyone in Ireland into our supportive community!


ExtremeistOG is a content creator on Twitch that aims to share interactively fun content with his viewers and adds quite a bit of comedy to the games he streams. He considers himself a variety streamer but his main passion is League of Legends and is currently ranked at Platinum IV! So whether you are an old school player or brand new to the game, he welcomes everyone in and talks through what he’s learned about the game and how you can improve! Currently an affiliated content creator with Team Redirect.


Buzzybabii is a streamer on Twitch since 2017. From picking up her first controller and a copy of Tomb Raider 2 for the Playstation1, her love for gaming grew. Streaming mostly games that go “pew pew” like Call Of Duty, Destiny, Fortnite and much more. Currently an affiliated content creator with Team Redirect.


GO ON SIR! The one and the only Streamer Elite is coming to Gamerfest. StreamerElite is a Twitch content creator with a unique look and a one of a kind style. He is also a proud member of Team Redirect. Bringing you such legendary titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty and so much more, he always has something for everyone.