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Don’t miss your favourite content creators at GamerFest!

See the awesome creators attending this May 25th and 26th!

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Yer man from TikTok | 1.2M TikTok Followers | Twitch FIFA streamer | Gaming & Football Creator

Irish Influencer aka shauna_the_sheep | Gaming Fanatic | 550K TikTok Followers

Energy. Entertainment. Interaction. | EA FC Streamer and TikToker | 363k TikTok Followers 

Irish Variety Streamer and YouTuber | Twitch Partner | Gaming Community Legend

Dublin YouTuber & Variety Twitch Streamer | Wolfpack Leader | 3k Twitch Followers

TikToker and Twitch Streamer | Wii Sports Hero |  128.3k TikTok Followers

Irish Content Creator | 241K TikTok Followers

Cosplayer | TikToker | Streamer | 235.9k TikTok Followers

Irish TikTok Creator | News Reader Extraordinaire | 104k TikTok Followers

Irish Variety Streamer | GG Machines Ambassador | 3.7k Twitch Followers

EAFC Esports Player & Creator | Commonwealth Champion eFootball | Loud & Proud

International Cosplayer

Irish Cosplay Creator | 7.2k TikTok Followers

Variety Streamer |  Former Mixer Partner

Irish YouTube Fortnite Creator | 316k YouTube Subs

GNG Series Creator | eir Gaming Ambassador

Instagram Game Collector | Twitch Horror & Variety Streamer | 6.6k IG Followers

Cosplay Creator 36k Instagram Followers

Horror Movie Creator | FNAF Fanatic | 1.3M TikTok Followers

Cosplayer | TikToker | CoD Fan | 55.6k TikTok Followers

Bad Gamer, But A Viber | Previously a Call of Duty Fanatic, Now A Variety Streamer

Irish Variety Streamer | 40.2k TikTok Followers


The Singing Streamer | TikTok Sensation | 611k TikTok Followers

More To Come

More Special Guests to be Announced! Follow Us On Our Socials to Keep Up to Date!

More Special Guests to be Announced! Follow Us On Our Socials to Keep Up to Date!


More special guest announcements coming soon!

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