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Cosplay Competitions at GamerFest: Unleash Your Inner Hero

Are you ready to step into the shoes of your favourite gaming characters? At GamerFest, we’re about to transform your cosplay dreams into reality. It’s time to don your most epic costumes and join us for TWO unforgettable Cosplay Competitions in partnership with the Guild of Nerds that will leave you yelling UwU.

Calling All Cosplayers

GamerFest isn’t just about gaming; it’s about bringing gaming to life. And nothing brings our favourite worlds to life like the vibrant cosplay community in Ireland. 

We want to see you bring your favourite characters to life and reward you for your dedication too. Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or an excited first-timer, our Cosplay Competitions are the perfect platforms to showcase your creative talents.

Cosplay Sanctuary

Worried about changing into your incredible cosplay creations? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with dedicated changing areas that provide the privacy and convenience you need to become the character you love.

And if you’re not the competitive type, fret not! There is no obligation to compete in the competition, and you can simply come along to GamerFest as your favourite character. 

Strike a Pose

No epic cosplay is complete without epic photos. That’s why we’ve lined up a dedicated (and free!) photographer with stunning backdrops to capture your cosplay in all its glory. Whether you’re a stealthy Rainbow Six: Siege Operator or a fearsome Aloy, our photographer will ensure your cosplay shines like never before.

Cosplay Competitions: Double the Fun

Get ready for double the excitement! The Cosplay Competition isn’t a one-day affair; it’s now happening on both Saturday AND Sunday at 3pm. 

That means more chances for you to showcase your cosplay prowess, meet fellow cosplayers, and immerse yourself in the cosplay world.

And what’s a competition without amazing prizes? This year, we’ve expanded our prize categories for the Cosplay Challenge. From jaw-dropping custom costumes to spot-on character portrayals and awards for the younger ones, there are more opportunities than ever to claim your place on the winner’s podium. 

Get ready to strut your stuff on the live stage, and walk away with incredible loot. The admiration of your fellow cosplayers is a bonus of course!

Sign Up and Join the Fun

Think your cosplay has what it takes to steal the show? Sign-ups for the Cosplay Competition are available on each day of the event.

Don’t miss this chance to bring your gaming and cosplay worlds together at GamerFest! 

Get Your Tickets Now and join us this to unleash your inner hero.


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